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Francisco Augusto Metrass

1825-1861 Portugal/Romanticism


Brief Biography-Francisco Augusto Metrass of Lisbon came from a family of German immigrants. His father had a successful business and wanted Francisco to enter the commerce world; however, Francisco preferred to paint. He studied at the Lisbon Academy of Fine Art under António Manuel da Fonseca in 1836. In 1844, Metrass went to Rome and worked with the Nazarene movement, a German group of artists who concentrated on religious art. His tutors were Peter von Cornelius and Johann Friedrich Overbeck; Friedrich Wilhelm Schadow was also a group member. He returned to Lisbon, where he did not gain much acknowledgement at an exhibition, so he travelled to Paris. He turned more to history painting over religious themes in Paris, finally gaining recognition. When back in Lisbon, his work God Only brought him much acclaim, and he became a professor of history painting at the Lisbon Academy. Sadly, he died from tuberculosis in Madeira in 1861 at the young age of 36.


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camoes grotto
of macau

camoes grotto of macau

the killers

sensing the killers

only god

only god

shepherds guarding
the flock

shepherds guarding the flock

woman lying on
a leopard skin

woman lying on a leopard skin