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Gabriël Metsu

1629-1667 Holland/Baroque


Brief Biography-Gabriël Metsu was born in Leiden in 1629. His master was Gerrit Dou; he is likened to Pieter de Hooch, Jan Steen and Gerard Terborch but holding his distinct style. However, he can also be mistaken for Jan Vermeer. Rembrandt's influence is also evident in some of his works. He was active in Amsterdam and painted interiors, genre scenes, and still-lifes, becoming a Leiden Painter’s guild member in 1648. He married in 1658 and remained in Amsterdam for life. He died in 1667.


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Woman Composing Music

Dead Cock

Dead Cock

The Bean King

Feast of the Bean King



The Tippler

The Tippler

Lady Seated

Lady Seated in a Window

Jan J Hinlopen

Jan Jacobsz Hinlopen and Family


Letter Writer Surprised

a Letter

Man Writing a Letter


Peeling an Apple

the Virginal

Sitting at the Virginal


The Apothecary

Cittern Player

The Cittern Player

Hunter's Gift

The Hunter's Gift

Poultry Seller

The Poultry Seller

Prodigal Son

The Prodigal Son

Nursery Visit

Visit to the Nursery after the Birth of Sara Hinlopen

Sick Child

The Sick Child


A Hunter and a Woman


Vegetable Market in Amsterdam

Virginal Player

Virginal Player

The Physician

Visit of the Physician

The Sick Girl

The Sick Girl


Artist and Wife Isabella de Wolff

The Letter

Woman Reading a Letter

Woman Seated

Woman Seated at a Table and a Man Tuning a Violin

Tuning a Mandolin

Woman Tuning a Mandolin