Deodat van der Mont

1581-1644 Baroque/Belgium


Brief Biography-Theodore van der Mont, known by the Italian name Deodato Delmont or Deodat del Mont, was born in Sint-Truiden, Belgium, in 1581. He was a painter and architect trained under Peter Paul Rubens travelling with him to Italy. When they returned to Antwerp, he set up a workshop and became a member of the Guild of Saint Luke. The court of Neuburg engaged him as a painter, an architect, and a military advisor. King Philip III of Spain also employed him as an engineer. Rubens praised his work highly. Several of his paintings are in churches and convents in Italy and Antwerp.


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adoration of
the magi

adoration of the magi

anointing the
dead christ

anointing the dead christ

the four

the four elements

the triumph of
bacchus in india

the triumph of bacchus in india