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Samuel Palmer

1805-1881 England/Romanticism


Brief Biography-Samuel Palmer was the offspring of a Baptist bookseller in Surrey. He took up painting at a very early age and was primarily self-taught. The Royal Academy first exhibited his pictures when he was a young teenager, and he was introduced to William Blakewhen he was just nineteen. Blake had a profound sway on his work. In 1826, he moved to Kent for nine years, working with other artists who admired Blake’s work. Samuel married Hannah Linnell during this period, whose father was John Linnell. When he returned to London, he endured a lengthy spell of financial restraints while teaching drawing. His fortunes eventually picked up somewhat through his landscapes when Samuel was in his late fifties. He died in Surrey in 1881. After his death, he was primarily unknown until the mid-twentieth century, when scholars rediscovered his works.


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old england's
sunday evening

old england's sunday evening

a cornfield by

a cornfield by moonlight with the evening star

a dream in
the apennine

a dream in the apennine

christian descending
into the valley

christian descending into the valley of humiliation

river scene

classical river scene


early morning

garden in

garden in shoreham

to sea

going to sea

landscape with
a barn

landscape with a barn

at sunset

ploughing at sunset



the cypresses at
the villa d'esteg

the cypresses at the villa d'esteg

lonely tower

the lonely tower

the magic
apple Tree

the magic apple tree

the sleeping

the sleeping shepherd

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