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August Georg Wilhelm Pezold

1794-1859 Estonia/Portraiture


Brief Biography-August Georg Wilhelm Pezold, the son of a doctor who died when he was a child, was raised in the northeastern village of Udriku by friends of his parents when his mother also died. After studying medicine, he took up art at the Berlin Academy of Art and went to the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. He toured Italy, Switzerland, France, and England before returning to Estonia and spending time in Latvia doing portraiture. After teaching in Saint Petersburg, he became a Free Artist at Saint Petersburg University, where he later taught. He was a founder of the Estonian Literary Society and a member of the Imperial Academy of Arts. His works were mostly portraiture.


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a. fr. schuch

a. fr. schuch

portrait of h.

portrait of h. riesemanni

portrait of j. a.

portrait of j. a. rehbinder

self portrait

self portrait

doeppi family

the doeppi family