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Karl Theodor von Piloty

(1826-1886) Germany/Realism


Brief Biography-Karl Theodor von Piloty, born in Munich, was the son of Ferdinand, a lithographer who was his first tutor. He went to the Munich Academy in 1840 and studied under Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld, and in 1846 he studied under Karl Schorn. In addition, he visited England, Brussels, and Paris. The Belgian painter Louis Gallant and French history painter Horace Vernet influenced his work. Maximillian II commissioned him to paint The Elector Max, adhering to the Catholic League in 1609, which he finished in 1854. Piloty painted Seni at the Dead Body of Wallenstein a year later. In 1856 he became a professor at the Munich Academy and later received a knighthood. He held a large school of students, Georgios Jakobides being one of many noted disciples.


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seni at the dead
body of wallenstein

eni at the dead body of wallenstein

the murder
of caesar

the murder of caesar

thusnelda led in
germanicus' triumph

thusnelda led in germanicus' triumph