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Giulio Romano

c. 1499-1546 Italy/Mannerism


Brief Biography-Giulio Romano was an artist and architect from Rome who trained in the atelier of Raphael. When Raphael died, he completed several works in the Vatican with Giovan Francesco Penni, called Il Fattore Penni, Raphael’s disciple.
In 1522, he moved to Mantua at the behest of Federico Gonzaga, Marquis of Mantua. He painted frescoes in the Palazzo del Te, his most famous works. He constructed the Palazzo from old stables, and his pupils Benedetto Pagni and Rinaldo Mantovano assisted him with the murals. He also undertook several architectural works on churches and the ducal palace in the city.
When Federico Gonzaga died, his cardinal brother kept Romano on in Mantua to complete numerous works. When Antonio San Gallo, the architect, died in Rome, the deputies of the Works Department at Saint Peter’s summoned Romano to Rome, but the cardinal prevented him from leaving. His family did not want him to go, but he wished to end his career in Rome. However, his health was failing at this time, and Romano died shortly after the request from Rome. He was only fifty-four years of age and was missed dearly by all who knew his work in Mantua.


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adoration of the

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portrait of dona isabel de requesens

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