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Georg von Rosen

1843-1923 Sweden/Academicism


Brief Biography-Georg von Rosen was born in Paris. His tuition began at the Stockholm Art Academy at a very early age. The Belgium artist Hendrik Leysinfluenced him, and he later worked in his studio. He toured the Middle East and Italy and stayed in Paris for a spell, where he was impressed by the works of Leon Bonnat and Paul Delaroche. Later, he became director of the Stockholm Academy of Fine Arts. His paintings are primarily of Historical and Mythological subjects.


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flower market
in brabant

flower market in brabant

eric XIV king
of sweden

eric the fourteenth king of sweden

portrait of sven

portrait of sven lagerberg

snow laiden

snow laiden pines

the christmas

the christmas fair

the entry of sten
sture the elder

the entry of sten sture the elder into stockholm

the great sphinx
of giza

the great sphinx of giza

the prodigal

the prodigal son

the sphinx

the sphinx