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Cecchino del Salviati
(Francesco de' Rossi)

1510-1563 Italy/Mannerism


Brief Biography-Francesco de’ Rossi, or later Cecchino del Salviati, was born in Florence in 1563. He took his second name from his patron Cardinal Giovanni Salviati. . He was a disciple of the mannerist painter Andrea del Sarto for three years. Salviati befriended Giorgio Vasari, whom he previously knew from studying with Baccio Bandinelli and with whom he collaborated in Bologna. He also worked in Venice and Rome before settling in Florence. There he painted the fresco about the tyrant Furius Camillus in the Palazzo Vecchio for Cosimo I de’ Medici. His contemporaries with whom he competed were Agnolo Bronzino and Jacopo Pontormo. He died in Rome in 1563.


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frescoes in the
palazzo ricci-

frescoes in the palazzo ricci-sacchetti

scenes from the life
of furius camillus

scenes from the life of furius camillus

the story
of david

the story of david

gian battista

gian battista salviati