Wincenty Smokowski

1797-1879 Lithuania/Classicism


Brief Biography-Wincenty Smokowski began studies at Vilnius University and went on to the Saint Petersburg Imperial Academy of Arts in 1823. ThroughJan Rustem he became an assistant professor at Vilnius University. After the closure of the University, he instructed drawing classes for five years in a Vilnius Grammar school. In 1831 he took up medical studies and began practising in 1836. He got married in 1841 and moved to Warsaw where he continued painting while still working as a doctor until retirement in 1858. He was also an illustrator, cartoonist and writer on art.


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allegory of fall of
the uprising

allegory of fall of the november uprising

gypsy encampment
upon a creek

gypsy encampment upon a creek

ignacy jozef

ignacy jozef kraszewski

jewish wedding

jewish wedding

spethen bathory

spethen bathory inaugurating vilnius university

of a jew

portrait of a jew

palace in
vingis park

palace in vingis park