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Bertel Thorvaldsen

1768 or 1770-1844 Denmark/Neoclassicism


Brief Biography-Bertel Thorvaldsen studied at the Copenhagen Academy for five years before winning a scholarship in 1796 to go to Italy. He mostly lived in Rome until 1838, when he returned to Denmark. His principal influence came from Greek sculpture rather than Roman taste. He quickly gained a high reputation in Italy after 1797 and established a thriving studio. His first important work was a statue of Jason, and his most noted work is the Tomb of Pius VII in Saint Peter’s Basilica. Thorvaldsen was second only to Canova as a renowned Neoclassical sculptor. Many of his works are in The Thorvaldsen Museum in Copenhagen.


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hylas abducted by
the nymphs

hylas abducted by the nymphs

jason with the
golden fleece

jason with the golden fleece

the lion
of lucerne

the lion of lucerne

tomb of
pius VII

tomb of pius VII