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Utagawa Toyokuni

1769-1825 Japan/Ukiyo-e 歌川豐國


Brief Biography-Utagawa Toyokuni was born in what is now called Tokyo in 1769. He was an ukiyo-e painter who studied under Utagawa Toyoharu in the Edo Period. He became renowned for his paintings of actors and beautiful women. Six successors followed Toyokuni, the third being Kunisada Utagawa I. Unfortunately, Toyokuni’s pictures declined in his later years. He died in 1825.


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Actor Onoe
Eizaburo I

Actor Onoe Eizaburo one as a Magician with a Giant Toad


Courtesans Promenading on the Naka-no-cho in the Shin-Yoshiwara


Actors Matsumoto Koshiro Five and Ichikawa Danjuro Seven

Flowers in
the Wind

Flowers in the Wind

Illustration from

Illustration from Chushingara Series

The Actor Segawa
Kikunojo III

The Actor Segawa Kikunojo three


The Actor Ichikawa Ebijuro

Portrait of the Snd
Ichikawa Komazo

Portrait of the Second Ichikawa Komazo

Segawa VI

Roko Segawa six

The Actor
Ichikawa Omezo

The Actor Ichikawa Omezo in a Shibaraku Role

The Actor
Ichikawa Yaozo

The Actor Ichikawa Yaozo as Idemura Shinbei

The Actors

The Actors Matsumoto Yonesaburo and Segawa Kikunojo

Actors Sawamura
Gennosuke and-

The Actors Sawamura Gennosuke and Matsumoto Koshiro Dueling

Courtesan Ogino of
Ogiya Tea House

The Courtesan Ogino of Ogiya Tea House with Two Attendants

The kabuki actor
Iwai Hanshiro V

The kabuki actor Iwai Hanshiro five as the Entertainer Kashiku

The Kabuki actor
Matsumoto Koshiro

The Kabuki actor Matsumoto Koshiro five

The Kabuki Actors
Ichikawa Komazo-

The Kabuki Actors Ichikawa Komazo three and Ichikawa Yaozo three

Three Beauties
Playing Battledore

Three Beauties Playing Battledore and Shuttle

Nakamura III

Utaemon Nakamura three as Takebe Genzo


Nakamura Utaemon