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Mattheus Ignatius van Bree

1773-1839 Belgium/Historical


Brief Biography-Mattheus Ignatius van Bree from Antwerp was a pupil of Petrus Johannes van Regemorter. After winning second prize in the Prix de Rome in Paris in 1797, he studied in Rome until 1804. In Antwerp, along with Regemorter, Mattheus became engaged in retrieving art from Paris that the French had confiscated during the invasion. As a result, he was responsible for returning many paintings of note.
He visited Florence and Rome with Ferdinand de Braekeleer, the Elderwho had been his pupil before becoming director of the Antwerp Academy in 1827. He had several students who became renowned painters in their own time. Two of which were Gustave Wappers and Jan August Hendrik Leys. Rubens strongly influenced his work.


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baptism of
william III

baptism of william three of the netherlands in the augustine church brussels

duke frederick
on his deathbed

duke frederick william on his deathbed

emperor napoleon
and the empress

emperor napoleon and the empress with the king and queen of westphalia at the launch of le friedland


georges cuvier

isaac jan
alexander gogel

isaac jan alexander gogel

johannes hermanus

johannes hermanus molkenboer the art collector

king willem i

 king willem one

the prince of orange
visits the victims

the prince of orange visits the victims of the flood in the padre orphanage

the installation of
the university

 the solemn installation of the university of ghent by the prince of orange

unidentified historical

unidentified historical performance