Andrea del Verrocchio

1435-1488 Italy/Early Renaissance


Brief Biography-Andrea del Verrocchio was a highly regarded sculptor and painter from Florence. He began his training as a goldsmith under Giuliano Verrocchi whom he named himself after. He studied sculpture under Antonio Rossellino and was tutored in painting under Fra Filippo Lippi alongside Sandro Botticelli. His patron in the arts was Piero d’ Medici who took him on when Donatello, Florence’s top sculptor died. Verrocchio spent his life in Florence except for his last few years in Venice.

Amongst his many students were Domenico Ghirlandaio, Lorenzo di Credi, Pietro Perugino and Leonardo da Vinci. He concentrated mostly on doing sculpture during the last decade of his life.Speculation has it that on realizing the genius of his pupil Leonardo da Vinci he gave up painting altogether. However, that story may have only slight truth as doing sculpture was considered to be his foremost passion. Also, the biographer Giorgio Vasari was sometimes known to exaggerate.


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and child

madonna and child

madonna and child
resting on a parapet

madonna and child resting on a parapet

madonna with saints
john and donatus

madonna with saints john the baptist and donatus

saint jerome

saint jerome

saint monica

saint monica

the adoration with
two angels

the adoration with two angels

the baptism of christ
Head by leonardo

the baptism of christ head by leonardo da vinci

the baptism
of christ

the baptism of christ

the battle
of pydna

the battle of pydna

tobias and
the angel

tobias and the angel