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Cornelis de Wael

1592-1667 Belgium/Italy-Baroque


Brief Biography-Cornelis de Wael was the younger brother of the artist Lucas de Wael, a student of Jan Brueghel, the Elder. He was the son of the painter Jan Baptist de Wael 1, and his mother was also from a family of artists. Cornelis took his instruction from his father. He was born in Antwerp, and sometime after 1610, he went to Genoa with his brother Lucas where they settled. In Italy, he taught art, and he was primarily a Battaglista, a painter of battle scenes, and was renowned for genre and history paintings. He received commissions from Duke d’Arschot and King Philip III of Spain, who highly praised his works; he also received commissions from churches in Italy. The two brothers became acquainted with Anthony van Dyck who painted their portrait together. Cornelis travelled to Rome in 1656 due to the plague in Genoa, where he joined the Schildersbent or Bentvueghels and became a member of the Guild of St Luke in Rome; Lucas settled back in Antwerp in 1628.


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a camp by
the ruins

a camp by the ruins

to visit
the sick

to visit the sick

bamboccianti ruins

bamboccianti ruins by Cornelis de Wael

combat between
spaniards and turks

combat between spaniards and turks

to visit the

to visit the imprisoned

forest landscape
with hunters

forest landscape with hunters and their dogs attacking a wolf

harbour scene

harbour scene

harbour scene

mediterranean harbour scene with a spanish trading barge

naval battle between
christians and turks

naval battle between christians and turks

siege of ostend

siege of ostend

soldiers before
a tavern

soldiers before a tavern

an elegant

an elegant company

the hungry

feeding the hungry

brothers lucas and
cornelius by van Dyck

the brothers lucas and cornelius de wael