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Fernando Yáñez

1505-1555 Spain/High Renaissance


Brief Biography-Fernando Yáñez, born in Almedina de la Mancha, went to Rome and became a disciple of Raphael. When he returned to Spain, he achieved a high reputation. Don Gomez Carrillo de Albornoz, Cuenca Cathedral’s treasurer, entrusted him to decorate the Altar. It turned out to be his most notable work. Yáñez also painted at two Madrid churches, showing Leonardo da Vinci's influences, according to Ceán Bermúdez. Yáñez and Hernando de los Llanos collaborated with Leonardo in Florence on his Battle of Anghiari. They produced many paintings after Leonardo’s works in Spain.


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embrace of san

embrace of san joaquin and santa ana

rest on the flight
to egypt

rest on the flight to egypt

saint catherine

saint catherine

catherine of

catherine of alexandria and saint margaret of antioch