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Johann Zoffany

1733-1810 Germany/Rococo


Brief Biography-Johann Zauffely, or Zauffelij, known as Zoffany, was born in Regensburg, Germany, in 1733. After studying locally, he went to Italy, where he remained for twelve years and came under the influence of Anton Raphael Mengs. When Zoffany returned to Germany, he entered a troubled marriage that led him to England in 1758. After some tribulations, a friendship with David Garrick enabled him to paint theatrical scenes, which led to his meteoric rise. He eventually came to the attention of King George III and, in 1796, was made a Royal Academician. In 1770, the King granted him three hundred pounds to go to Florence, where he painted The Tribuna of the Uffizi during his stay until 1778. After which, Maria Theresa dispatched him to paint the Royal Family of Tuscany, and in Vienna, he painted several portraits of royalties. Zoffany returned to London in 1779, where Richard Wilson inserted background landscapes into some of his theatrical works. However, he ventured to India four years later, where he met with much success painting nobility. Zoffany spent his last years in England from 1790 but painted with less enthusiasm than in his early years due to failing health. He died in Strand-on-the-Green in 1810.


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Queen Charlotte

Queen Charlotte with her Two Eldest Sons

Charles Towneley

Charles Towneley in His Gallery

charlotte princess

charlotte princess royal and prince william later duke of clarence

Ann Brown

Ann Brown in Role of Miranda

Bradshaw Family

The Bradshaw Family

Franz Stephan

Franz Stephan The First Duke of Lorraine

Family Group

Family Group in Landscape

Don Ferdinando-

Don Ferdinando Duke of Bordone

Tribuna of the Uffizi

The Tribuna of Uffizi

George The Third

George The Third

Death of Cpt Cook

Death of Captain Cook

Self Portrait as David

Self Portrait as David

Leopold The First

Leopold The First Grand Duke of Tuscany

Maria Amalia

Maria Amalia of Hapsgurg

Queen Charlotte

Queen Charlotte with her Children and Brothers

Tribuna Detail

Tribuna Detail

Garden at Hampton

Garden at Hampton House with Mr and Mrs David Garrick

David Garrick

David Garrick

Sir Lawrence

Sir Lawrence Dundas and his Grandson Lawrence

Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Charles Macklin

Charles Macklin as Shylock

Mrs Oswald

Mrs Oswald

Rev Randall-

The Reverend Randall Burroughs and his Son Ellis

The Sharp Family

The Sharp Family

Duke of Richmond

The Third Duke of Richmond out Shooting with his Servant

Cock Match

Mordaunt's Cock Match